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The 5 most important things when starting a business!

Let's talk about the top 5 most important things comes across every single day.

#1 Solid Brand

Brand is not just about looking good. You also have to take into consideration factors that may affect business like location and services. An example would be, instead of "Smith and Sons" you would automatically score hire and have better recognition with "Springfield Plumbers"

#2 Strategy and budget

Do not throw money away with an expensive website or marketing campaign from the get go, instead learn the fundamentals of your target market and assign a percentage of profit towards growth marketing.

#3 Mobile friendly platforms

focus on mobile friendly websites as this is what most of the people searching your product will be using, there are so many cool nifty mobile friendly tools that you can integrate and make a very inexpensive website look expensive. (we use

#4 social media management platform

This is probably the biggest time saver. Use a CRM or social media platform to post across all of your social medias at the same time and even schedule posts for later in the week so that you have a trickle of cool posts being sent out throughout month. (We use Zoho as it also integrates Google Business)

#5 SEO knowledge for growth and competition

once you start learning and get to keen understanding for SEO and how to be seen online, you can start analyzing the competition and ranking higher. (we use

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